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Why use eTech?

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For your technology.
eTech Network Solutions makes finding the right tools for your business needs all in one place. 


Communications with eTech
VoIP is the new standard communications tool for any size business. Scalability and remote features make this service a must. eTech uses state-of-the-art cloud-based software that allows all your communication devices to connect and work all together seamlessly. 
Built-in softphone for making and taking calls, 3-way calling, call transfer, and visual voicemail, plus HD video meetings, Chat & SMS messaging, virtual rooms, contacts w/ presence as well as an extensive
list of advanced and innovative features you can’t find in any other solution.
A conversation worth having.
VoIP, VoIP phones

I feel like I may be paying too much for my phone bill...

VoIP, VoIP phones

You might be. But, who has the time to research and find out if you are paying too much. However, we have found that people who switched over to eTech with our VoIP system saved up to 40% on their monthly cost!

VoIP, VoIP phones

Ok...well I heard switching to VoIP is expensive and complicated.

VoIP, VoIP phones

Yeah, we heard that before... However, not true. Switching to VoIP with eTech is actually much cheaper month to month and as simple as plugging in or signing into our ecosystem. VoIP offers mobility and smart features that are updating constantly. Seriously, it's time to switch! Click the link below to see our prices.

VoIP, VoIP phones
VoIP, VoIP phones
VoIP heart
VoIP, VoIP phones
Internet services

Internet service is crucial in today's business world because most of your services are dependent on it. Having the right speeds for all those services is where we can help!

You wanna go fast?

eTech Network Solutions has teamed up with more than 30 Internet providers to get you the best deal, and exactly what YOU need, at the lowest cost. Using our network of partners and tools has helped businesses save hours of research to get the best deal available for the needs of your company. So...

Sit back and relax

Relaxed cat

We got this.


Research hours saved


Average savings


Happy to help

If you need Business Internet, upgrading current internet service, or just want to see what the current rates are as you plan ahead, then it's a good thing you stopped by. We will examine your current prices by doing a bill audit for free. We will make sure that what you want or need is the best rate available.  

Cloud Services
Birds in the Cloud

Soar in the Cloud.

Birds in the Cloud

Cloud services are the future of business operations. Workflow can now be shared to any location with high-security features. Services like Microsoft Office, Amazon AWS, Google Drive, Dropbox, VoIP phone systems, Web designing, and many many more are now being driven to the cloud. We can help get you set up or answer any questions you may have with cloud services. WE get super excited about helping your business grow and about the new technology and services that do it. 


VoIP is now essential for today's communication. VoIP allows your phone system to be scalable and affordable while constantly upgrading. Using VoIP  through eTech gives you all the latest features as the technology grows and keeps all your solutions in once place.  

MS Office

MS Office is a cloud based woking tools that allows you to work and connect anywhere. From editing documents, cloud storage, to staying in touch with team members from any location. eTech has a team of professionals that will help setup this service for your work space.  

IT control

Having the right infrastructure is one thing, another is control. We believe that you should always be in control, and by your side we can help make sure your network, and communications are always working, and controlled efficiently. eTech's IT team will make sure that we can support you remotely in the cloud and offer fast support without having to be on-site.

Cloud storage

Storing important documents or viewing documents should not be tied to one location. Services like MS OneDrive, MS Sharepoint, Dropbox, and many more allow you to access your teams work anywhere with top notch security. This practice and service should be part of your workflow and eTech can help set this up for your business, along with consulting you with the best service for your workflow. 

Network Devices

Treat yourself, you deserve IT.


We know technology and what's best for each scenario. Finding the right devices, programming them, and upgrading the office, we can do it!

Network Devices.

Network devices can range depending on the size and security measures that are needed for your business. eTech is specialized and qualified to help choose the right devices and program them accordingly. With our help, we can maintain the security, network efficiency, and software needed for Firewalls (Routers), Switches, AP, LTE/5G, and many more network devices.

VoIP Phone

Communication Devices.

Communication devices range from Desk phones, Cordless phones, Conference phones, and many more. With VoIP we can purchase, install, and program your communication devices throughout your business. We work with office communication, schools, overhead paging/intercom, Door phones, and many more. We have pretty much seen and done it all. 

Internet Wifi

Putting the 'work' in Network.

Network efficiency and security are a must in all-size businesses. Making sure that your network has the latest software, and equipment to handle your workload, all while keeping your network safe is what we are good at. 

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Network Engineering is a fancy way of saying we can make everything work in your office the way you want it to. eTech can help build out your office network with efficiency and security in mind. 

Internet services, Internet Speeds, VoIP and internet, Internet quote, bussines internet, IT, IT networing, IT setup, IT support, Network Solutions, Network cabling, IT software

Network security is always on our minds. The latest software and knowledge are always up to date when using eTech as your Network provider.


We support you ❤️

The heart of our culture and business is giving the best support. We truly believe this is the most important part of our business. Not only are we here when you need us, but we make sure our team is kind and knowledgeable professionals who always give 💯

24/7 support
Support whenever you need it. 
Support Team
100% Customer service rating.
Internet services, Internet Speeds, VoIP and internet, Internet quote, bussines internet, IT, IT networing, IT setup, IT support, Network Solutions, Network cabling, IT software
We know our stuff.
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