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Quality Service.

Quick Support.

Low cost.

Etech is a VoIP and Service provider. Our mission is to give you the best service and the latest VoIP features all for less. We guarantee it!

Did you know that most businesses are paying way too much for their phone and carrier services? We will audit your phone/data bill to look where we can save you money and we do this as a free service. 

VoIP Phones

From 1 Phone to 1000 Phones we have you covered while providing you with the latest technology for your office. 

Advantages of using eTech

Traditional Legacy systems cost more up front, and over time because users are reliant on their current phone system hardware. But, with hosted PBX and VoIP, you get a future-proofed phone system that continuously updates to provide an unmatched user experience.

You’ll retain more revenue each month, making hosted PBX a long-term cost saver.

Hosted PBX provides a solution for your employees who can now work from anywhere, whether they’re on their cell phones at home, or softphones on their work computers.

Hosted PBX is easily upgradeable, helping to expand your business communications without the need for constant technical support or rewiring.

With hosted PBX, you don’t need to purchase costly configurations—there’s no system to purchase, so there’s less money lost up front.

Carrier Services

eTech Network Solutions has teamed up with over 30 Carriers to meet your needs locally & nationwide.

Whether you are looking for voice or data services, eTech Network Solutions can find the best fit for your needs at the lowest cost. We offer free review and bill audits of your current service provider. Let us see if we can save you money at no cost to you.




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