Why VoIP with Etech?

No more on-site phone system.

Join us in the clouds with our cloud based phone system.

Mobile Solutions

  • Cloud based phone: Our UC client allows you to make and receive business calls anywhere with an internet connection along with many more features.

  • Mobile App: Our mobile app gives you features of a desk phone right on your mobile device. (iOS and Android)

  • Manageability: Small to mid or large sized businesses can provide a simplified service to compete more effectively. No need for an on-site engineer or tech to get you setup.

  • Scalability: With the constant change in technology, scalability is huge in today’s business world and with eTech, your services can be provided on a per-customer basis, cutting down unnecessary costs.

  • Disaster Recovery: Your business can rest easy in a server emergency with the use of UC or Mobile App, where your phone system will still be operating and functional.

Check out all our features!


UC Client


Mobile App

VoIP phone

Office Phones

We have teamed with many vendors to make sure our service works on most VoIP phones. So, whether you prefer a certain brand or have existing VoIP phones, we will make it work.

Etech Network Solutions