VoIP Solution

Cloud based phone system.


VoIP Platform taken to the next level. 

UC Client (Soft phone), Mobile App (iOS and Android), and Automation manager software.

All included with a standard extension!

How does it work?

We keep it simple.


With our cloud-based VoIP system, your devices are integrated and operate on one platform.

When using eTech your office phone is no longer tied to your desk.

It's no longer just an office phone. You can be reached from multiple devices all at the same time in our VoIP ecosystem. 

UC Client

UC Client is our Softphone that you will have access to when using our VoIP platform.

UC Client gives you more than just making phone calls from your work number. That wouldn't be that cool...

Make and take business calls from your Web browser or Desktop App Anywhere.

Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 15.50.51 PM.png

Move phone calls between devices with the "Move to" function.


Chat and share files internally with your team while on a call or not.

Text (SMS/MMS) your customers or clients.


Voicemail management made Easy... 😅

Transcribed Voicemails for a quick glance.

*with Pro Voice


Desktop App

Done Right ✅

All your web base features in our CoreNexa Desktop app.

Keep the app running in the background while you work. 

Make and take Phone calls. Check your Voicemail. Check call quality with Call Recordings. Track your calls with Call History and click to call. Setup and schedule Video Conference meetings, Host Rooms for your team to pop in and out of. Chat with team members and let them know if you are available or away with Presence awareness.

VoIP App

Mobile App

Using our Mobile App is great for those on the road, or who just want another way to be reached. Having the Mobile App allows you to make and take phone calls from your cell phone with the appearance of calling from the office, never using your personal number. 


Take your business calls on most mobile devices.

Check your voicemails.

Text message customers.

Host conference calls.


Office Phones

We have teamed with many manufacturers to make sure our service works on most VoIP phones. So, we will make it work whether you prefer a certain brand or have existing VoIP phones.

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